Kidney Cancer

Kidney cancers are one of the silent diseases that are often not diagnosed until they reach a critical stage. Because the kidneys are located deep in the body’s abdominal area, there is generally no type of early screening tool available for this type of cancer. Early signs of kidney cancer may include flank pain or even blood in the urine.

Kidney cancer is most commonly treated with surgery to remove the cancer.  In some cases, for patients with metastases, the kidney is removed.  Chemotherapy or immunotherapy has proven to have a low success rate in treating patients with metastatic kidney cancer.

Stereotactic body radiosurgery can effectively treat kidney cancer, even though kidney cancer is usually considered a type of cancer that is resistant to radiation.  However, using stereotactic radiation (highly focused), kidney cancers have been found to be among the most radiosensitive cancers.

Benefits of Stereotactic Body Radiosurgery to Treat Kidney Cancer

  • offers an alternative to surgery or chemotherapy
  • reduced treatment time
  • high success rate
  • healthy tissue is spared
  • non-invasive, painless
  • no hospitalization required
  • no recovery time
  • minimal side effects

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