Arnold Herskovic, M.D., F.A.C.R., F.A.C.R.O.

Arnold Herskovic, MD

Curriculum Vitae

Current Appointment:

Radiation Oncologist        Rush University   Medical Center Department of Radiation Oncology


1964           B.S.                                              University of Maryland,College Park, Maryland
1965           M.S.             Medical Physiology Master’s Program, West Virginia Medical Center
1969           M.D.                                                  University of Maryland,Baltimore, Maryland


1969 – 1970                Internship         Medicine
Kings County-Downstate Medical Center,
Brooklyn, New York

1970-1973                  Residency         General Radiology
New York University
Bellevue Medical Center
New York, New York

07/73 – 12/74               Residency          Radiation Therapy
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
New York, New York

07/74 – 12/74            Advance Career Fellow Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
New York, New York

07/74 – 12/74            Asst. Chief Resident  Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
New York, New York

Faculty Appointments:

01/75 – 12/75                        Instructor                       Cornell Medical School
New York, New York

Clinical Assistant Attending
Memorial Hospital
New York, New York

Assistant Radiologist
New York Hospital
New York, New York

01/76 – 06/77                        Assistant Professor         Department of Radiology (Radiation Medicine)
Los Angeles County
Southern California Cancer Center

Affiliate and Consultant Staff
California Hospital
Southern California Cancer Center
Los Angeles, California

07/77 – 12/79                        Assistant Professor         Department of Radiology
George Washington University
Washington, D.C.

01/80 – 08/82                        Assistant Professor         Department of Radiology (Radiation Oncology)
Duke University Medical Center
Durham, North Carolina

07/77 -            12/79             Assistant Professor         Department of Radiology
George Washington University
Washington, D.C.

09/82 -            07/85              Associate Professor         Radiation Oncology Center
Wayne State University
Detroit, Michigan

08/85 – 1998                         Professor                        Radiation Oncology
Wayne State University School of Medicine
Detroit, Michigan

1998 – 2005                         Adjunct Professor                       University of Minnesota

Military Service:

1970 – 1976                         Major                           U.S. Army Reserves
Retired, Honorable Discharge


Hospital Appointments:

09/82 – 07/91               Staff Physician
Harper Hospital
Detroit Medical Center
Department of Radiation Oncology
Detroit, Michigan

03/83 -07/91             Staff Physician  
Detroit Receiving Hospital/University Health Center
Detroit, Michigan

02/83 – Present           Consultant
Veterans Administration Hospital
Allen Park, Michigan

1983 – 1988                 Co-Chairman
Lung Committee
Southwest Oncology Group

11/82 - 07/91              Radiation Oncologist
Children’s Hospital of Michigan

1984 – 1991                Vice-Chairman
Department of Radiation Oncology
Harper-Grace Hospitals
Harper Hospital Division

1990 – 1998                 Medical Advisor
School of Radiation Technology
Wayne State Detroit)

1995 – 1999                 Radon Representative
State of Michigan Lung Cancer

1991 – 1998                 Medical Director/ Chief
Oakwood Hospital & Medical Ctr.
Department of Radiation Oncology

1992-1993                   President
Michigan Society Radiation Oncology

03/98-06/04               Medical Director
Northwest Community Hospital
Radiation Oncology
Arlington Heights, Illinois

06/04 – 06/05               Medical Staff
Allina United Hospitals
St Paul, Minnesota

06/05- present              Medical Staff
St John Medical Center
Grosse Pointe Woods & Macomb

Hospital Committees:

01/83 – 1993               Principal Investigator       Wayne State University

1983 – 1991                Principal Investigator       Radiation Therapy Oncology Group (RTOG)
WSU Radiotherapy Representative for Pediatric Oncology Group
1983 – 1985                 Representative                Gastrointestinal Study Group

1983 -  1991                Representative                WSU for Southwest Oncology Group

1985 – 1991                 Member                        Radioisotope Committee
Children’s Hospital of Michigan

1985 – 1991                 Member                        Radioisotope Committee
Hutzel Hospital

1985 – 1991                 Member                        Radioisotope Committee
Harper Hospital

1986 – 1992                 Member                        Human Investigation Committee
Wayne State University

1986 – 1991                 Member                        Physician Extender Committee
Harper Hospital

1991 – 1998                 Member                                    Cancer Center Committee
Oakwood Hospital

1991 – 1998                 Member                                    Radiation Safety Committee
Oakwood Hospital

1991 – 1998                 Member                                    Investigational Review Board
Oakwood Hospital
Membership in Professional Societies:

American Cancer Society, Fellow

American Brachytherapy Society, Fellow

American College of Radiation Oncology

American College of Radiology

American Medical Association

American Radium Society

American Society of Clinical Oncology

American Society of Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology

International Association for Study of Lung Cancer

International Endocurietherapy Society, charter member

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Inc.

Michigan Medical Society

Michigan Radiological Society

Michigan Society of Therapeutic Radiologists; Served as President, Vice President & Chairman of the Board

Radiologic Society of North America

High Dose Rate Working Oncology Group, charter member

Board Certification:

1974                American Board of Radiology (Therapeutic Radiology)



Fellow, American Cancer Society, 1973-1974

Fellow, American College of Radiology

Chief Resident, Memorial Hospital, July-December, 1974

Fellow American College of Radiation Oncology

National Board of Honors, 2 areas

Principal Investigator, RTOG   1983 – 1992

New York Radiologic Physics Raphex Test, 1974

Presentations in Plenary Session at ASCO, ASTRO and AAAS

- Listed in The Best Doctors in America, Fifth Edition, by Woodward/White, Inc. American registry of Outstanding Professionals, Plaque and grant from Dr Frank Jirka, former president AMA

Book Chapters:

  1. Noell, K.T. and Herskovic, A.  Principles of Radiation Therapy in Central Nervous System Tumors.  In: Neurosurgery; Chapter 124.  Editors:  Wilkins and Rengachary, McGraw-Hill, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1984.
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  7. Noell, K.T. and Herskovic, A.  Principles of Radiation Therapy in Central Nervous System Tumors.  In:  Neurosurgery, Chapter 124.  Editors:  Wilkins and Rengachary, McGraw-Hill, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2001.


Peer Reviewed Publications:

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Submitted or in press:

James C marsh Shalini Garg, Julie Wendt, Benjamin Gielda,Arnold Herskovic Intracranial Metastasis Disease rarely Involves the pituitary: case report, retrospective analysis of 935 metastases in 155 patients and review of the literature

James c Marsh, Wesley Russell Benjamin Gielda Arnold Herskovic Do High Grade Astrocytomas areise from the neural Stem Cell Compartment? A retrospective Review of 99 cases

Review Article James CMarsh Benjamin Gielda,Arnold Herskovic, Ross Abrams Cognitive Sparing During the Administration of Whole Brain Radiotherapy and Prophylactic Cranial Irradiation Current Concept and Approaches- for Oncology

Review Article:: Update in the Treatment of Thoracic Esophageal cancer- Arnold Herskovic, Wesley Russell, Mary Joe Fiddler, Michael Liptay, Muhyi Al Saraaaf accepted in Annals of Oncology

ASTRO-Poster  2011 Treatment of Choroid Melanoma Shalini Garg,Wesley Russell, Arnold Herskovic

Submission ASCO Treatment of Ocular Adnexal Maltomas Wesley Russell, Stephanie Gregory, Arnold Herskovic


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1996    -           Macular Degeneration.

1996    -           Recurrent Prostate Cancer Implantation. Treated 5 patients post external rt

1996    -           Super Duper – Field within a field B.I.D., for Bronchogenic and Head and Neck Cancer.

1997    -           Selection and Management of Patients with Esophageal Cancer (SAM).

1997    -           Phase II Evaluation of Accelerated Hyperfractionation Delivered as Twice Daily Synchronous Concomitant Boost for Bronchogenic Carcinoma.  RTOG 1002.

2010                Retrospective Review of HDR Brachytherapy for Prostate Cancer

2011                Cognitive Sparing Whole Brain Radiotherapy

2011                Retrospective Review of ocular maltomas


1-Use of Faraday Cage to prevent electro-magnetic interference in LINAC Room.

2-Axtrahand transport devices

3- Novel Brachytherapy Applications

Protocols works in progress:

Use of TomoTherapy accelerator for total lymphoid irradiation total marrow irradiation and both

Prophylactic and post operative radiation using the tomoTherapy unit to relatively spare the limbic system including hippocampus, Circle of Willis and pituitary fossa

New form of spinal radiotherapy

Integrated chemo radiotherapy for selective lymphoma

Cooperative Group Development: past

  1. Lung Committee (RTOG)
    • Subcommittee on the Use of the Lung Inhomogeneity Corrections.
  2. Significant participation in:
    RTOG 7927    8501
    RTOG 8108     9205
    RTOG 8312     9105
    RTOG 8407     9207

    • RTOG representative (PI) for Adjuvant Intergroup Lung Protocol RTOG 9105.
    • Principle Investigator – 8501 Esophagus IG
    • Principle Investigator – Tolerance and Toxicity of T.I.D. Accelerated Hyperfractionation for Bronchogenic Cancer-RTOG 9205.
      • 9207 Esophagus Brachytherapy
      • Development of 1002 B.I.D. Field within Field Lung
      • 9105 prior 8907 Intergroup adjuvant lung
    • Lung Committee (SWOG) – Radiotherapy
    • Small Cell CA – SWOG 8269.
    • Metastatic Non-Oat Cell CA – Primary 8300.
    • Thymoma Protocol – 8490 – Coordinator.
    • Evaluation of Multimodality Treatment of Locoregional Esophageal Carcinoma: SWOG-9060.  Abstract.  (Poplin, Jacobson, Herskovic, Panella, Valdivieso, Barlogie, MacDonald.)
    • Gastrointestinal Committee (RTOG)
    • Intergroup Esophagus RTOG representative.
    • Multiple of other areas
    • Brachytherapy Committee
    • Pilot Protocol 9207 – Esophagus Brachytherapy Co-coordinator.
    • Endobronchial Protocol — HDR: Submitted, accepted in principle.
    • Esophagus: co PI LDR and HDR protocol.
    • Prostate Template Protocol: Did not pursue.  Not enough interest.
    • Sarcoma Interstitial — Co-Chairman: Submitted.
    • Uterine Cervical Carcinoma HDR. LDR proposed GOG and RTOG, to be discussed July 1993.

Areas of Interest:

  1. Breast Cancer
    • Draft concept intended to improve cosmesis and decrease subcutaneous and skin reaction
    • Development of electron beam skin dose spoiling grid, in testing phase.
    • Preliminary work suggests with only 12 mev electrons a skin sparing advantage with dose homogeneity achieved at about 4-5 cm depth.  The intention is to determine if clinically useful.
    • Need to evaluate the use of high energy photons, if appropriate.
    • Breast oligometastasis low incidence probably 0.5 to 1.0 %
  2. Bronchogenic cancer
    • Protocol in IRB for post operative RT for (T1),T2;N0 patients
    • Accelerated hyperfractionation – past papers still find it interesting need to redefine RT volumes, concept also may be useful for other sites.
    • Joiner Protocol suggest TID low dose per fraction 50 cGy, 1-2 weeks along with ctx can positively  improve response and  sensitize tumors
    • Trying to improve implants with absorbable mesh like Ethicon
    • Oligometastasis protocol crude draft
    • Need to integrate new biologics and chemotherapy
    • Transmission block-virtual published in past using cerrobend and have experience with approximately 250 pts-main purpose to decrease pulmonary dose.
  3. Esophageal cancer- SAM: selection and management concept sheet
    • Oligometastasis general especially prostate protocol draft needs to be discussed
    • GU prostate another taxotere RT protocol for hormone refractory cancer
    • Esophagitis /mucositis /enteritis draft protocol for glutamine amino acid 30 gm per day draft stage for discussion
    • Physician disaster preparedness for presentation a survey of physicians regarding preparedness for a disaster expect to resubmit to Health Affairs with Ellen Cannon
    • Entrepreneurial –extrahand patient safety transport devices also preliminary work on universal pill splitter and some work for a pathology surgical specimen orientation device

Master projects per IRB please note RTOG protocols did not originate locally

09021602 Prospective Trial Prophylactic Cranial Irradiation and post resection for Oligometastatic cranial disease accepted waiting for funding and corrections

0912201 Do High Grade Astrocytomas arise from neural stem cells compartment retrospective review of 99 cases with James Marsh etc

08060905 phase 1,2 integrated chemo radiotherapy for non-Hodgkins Lymphoma-pending several versions and numbers

09080504-Choroidal melanomas treated with I 125 plaque therapy ongoing

09020601 natural history of primary CNS lymphomas

08121902 why do intracranial metastasis spare the limbic system with Jim Marsh

08092502 data base for intra cranial metastasis

08101501 retrospective review of patients treated with HDR therapy for prostate cancer

Protocol pending

Use of Brachytherapy with Kyphoplasty,  GI and vascular stents, various unique devices for potential treatment of various solid tumors such as breast, kidney, liver, prostate, meningiomas, and pelvic tumors

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