Liver Metastasis

male patient, age 85: This patient’s disease began in 2003 when he was diagnosed with colon cancer.  During surgery to remove the tumor from his colon, the surgeons discovered a tumor on his liver.  When biopsied, it was found that the tumor had spread (metastasized) from the colon cancer.

The liver tumor could not be surgically removed due to its size and the fact that the patient had experienced excessive bleeding during surgery.  And, due to his advanced age, it was felt that he would not be able to tolerate chemotherapy, a standard treatment for this type of cancer.

When serial CT scans were obtained, they showed the tumor on the liver was increasing.  The patient sought a consultation with Cancer Treatment Group, and he was determined to be a good candidate for stereotactic body radiosurgery.  He was treated in 2005 and remains cancer free.

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