MammoFocus™ has all of the benefits of the other forms of targeted radiotherapy – high dose, targeted treatment, five day treatment time, protection of healthy tissue, excellent outcomes—but it is non-invasive, and requires no external catheters during the treatment period.  The procedure involves using several external photon beams all aimed at the tumor bed.  Inside the tumor bed are small seeds implanted by the radiologist after obtaining an MRI of the breast. The radiotherapy dose is concentrated precisely on the target, sparing surrounding tissue and organs.  Extremely accurate, MammoFocus™ can be as precise as 3mm or less.

Benefits of MammoFocus™

Using computer-calculated three-dimensional beams of radiation (stereotactic) MammoFocus™ is the latest advancement in the treatment of breast cancer.  An alternative to mastectomy or other targeted radiotherapies, Cancer Treatment Group is the pioneer in this revolutionary therapy.

  • extremely precise—3mm or less
  • reduces involvement to surrounding tissue and organs
  • five-day treatment period (one treatment per day)
  • outpatient procedure
  • non-invasive
  • no cosmetic drawbacks—no external catheters
  • excellent outcomes

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